'little enjoy' 13 x 16 acrylic, graphite on plywood
'tarnished inside' 11 x 14 x 2.5 acrylic on board
'12 reasons i used to love you' 30 x 12 acrylic on canvas
Unknown  11 x 14 x 2 Oil and Spray Paint on board tomdisilvio

'Luxurious Perception' 2012

18 x 18 x1.5 painting 
acrylic  on board

recent painting just finished Sept 4 2012

just a little painting 
acrylic on plywood 
©tomdisilvio 2013
Normal is a setting on a dryer acrylic on board 14" x 11" x 2"  ©tomdisilvio

mining for compassion 30 x 12 x 2.5

acrylic media on canvas

a friend on Instagram encouraged me to post the entire painting

as you can see it is a long landscape

The blue shown is actually a bit more of a teal
the chromatic quality of the iphone 4s lens
is a bit off.

The title refers to looking internally for self-compassion...

©tomdisilvio 8/2012

'there is processing while i sleep" acrylic on canvas 30 x 12 x 2.5 ©tomdisilvio

'I dreamt of her and when i awoke the room was empty' 2012

30 x 11 x1.5  painting consisting or 3- 8x10 panels
acrylic and spray enamel on board

recent painting just finished July 30th 2012



memory of 1967

10 x 20 x 1.5 acrylic,litho plate, with heirloom tool resting in board

©tomdisilvio 2011
" I gave my love a flower"  2012

10 x 30 x 1.5 Acrylic,flower petals on (3) assembled boards

Close-up of : "i gave my love a flower" 2012

Purple and Cream

16 x 20 x 1.5
Oil and paper on Canvas

©tomdisilvio 2000
Gain/Loss 2011

11 x 14 x 2.25 rubber tire,acrylic pour medium, oil and spray enamel on board

collection of S.S.Foleno ©tomdisilvio
Is it you Francis Bacon? 

14 x 14x 1.75 Acrylic, Oil, found objects with Spray Enamel


Emergent 2011

10 x 10 x 1.5 poured acrylic, and oil in board

currently on loan

Like a Polaroid 2010

8 x 8 Polaroid on Canvas, with Oil

inner growth 2011

18 x 18 x 2 tirebead, acetate, ink, acrylic medium, oil and spray enamel on board

transparency 2011

10 x 10 part of triptych Acrylic,Paper, Oil on board with Spray Enamel

collection of Martin Donnell ©tomdisilvio
Boilerplate c.1993 

14 x 18 Oil and Paper on Canvas

collection of Denis Wogan ©tomdisilvio
Black and White 2011

10 x 10 Acrylic on Board

Direct Instruction 2011

18 x 24 x 2 Acrylic, Oil, and Sprayed Enamel on Board

Collection of Carolyn Holland
 ©tomdisilvio 2011
collection of Carolyn Holland 
©tomdisilvio 2011
Boxer c.1999

8.5 x 11 x 2 Shadow Box with Glass, Half tone on film and Monotype

Taking Care of a Cadillac 1983

8.5 x 11 Glass Assembly Collage tape, acetate, paper

1/1 Creation of Energy c.2000

30 x 22 Photo Lithograph on paper 


1/1 Approaching the End c.2000

22 x 30 Monotype with Chine Colle on paper

1/1 Migration c.1998

Monotype with Chine Colle on Paper

World's Faire c.1998

1/1 Monotype with Chine Colle on paper 22 x 30

collection of Len Edgerly ©tomdisilvio
Thomas V DiSilvio
•painter•mixedmedia•collage•printmaking• monotypes
462 Mt.Auburn Street Apt. 2B
Watertown, MA 02472
Rhode Island School of Design
B.F.A. Industrial Design 1986/B.I.D. Industrial Design 1987
Photocopier Art: an Exploration-Juried  Exhibition  Feb15,1999
Frank Center for the Creative Arts-Shepherd College-Shepherdstown, WV 
Traveling show different venues /calligraph/monotype/chine collé print
Monotypes: Singular Espressions-Juried  Exhibition  Jan 8-Mar 7,1999
DeCordova Museum-Museum School Gallery Lincoln, MA 
Three person group show /Recent  monotype/chine collé prints
Monotype Guild of New England-Juried Members Exhibition  Jan. 11-March5, 1999
Duxbury Art Association, Duxbury, MA 
Gallery  Print Exhibition Jun. -Nov. 1998
Élan Fine Art, Inc. Santa Fe, NM
Monotype/chine collé prints
Monotype Guild of New England-Juried  Exhibition  Aug. 11-Sept. 8, 1998
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Boston, MA 
Three  monotype/chine collé prints printed with multiple plates
Newton Artists’ Open Studio  May 1998
The New Art Center in Newton Newtonville, MA 
Many monotype/chine collé prints with overprinting and multiple plates
Recent work- Multiple surfaces and fragmented images suggest mystery
Juried Student Exhibition  Jan. 1998, Nov. 1998
DeCordova Museum-Museum School Gallery Lincoln, MA 
Monotype/chine collé prints with overprinting and multiple plates
The Art in Design & The Design in Art 1995
The Wheeler Gallery Providence, RI 
Artist and Designers showing their art and design together in the same space
Mixed media collage assemblage -Manufactured athletic basketball shoe
Peace of Art  Dec. 1994
Gallery BHH Progressive Financial Strategies Providence, RI
Showing of mixed media collage paintings
Open House  Sept. 1997,1998
DeCordova Museum School of Art Lincoln, MA 
Demonstration of monoprinting and chine collé printmaking techniques
for  the observation and interest of potential students 
Teaching Experience
Rhode Island School of Design Sept. 1998- 2000
CO-Professor of  Industrial Design Studio
Rhode Island School of Design May 1992, May 1993
Visiting critic of Industrial design final critiques
painted surfaces /infinite longing
Art originally brought me in its lair with methods and processes such as; photography, printmaking, and model-making. I worked on collaging and altering images, scraps and fragments of a personal world for a long period. In a way these previous experiences propelled me into these more recent works. I continue to want to share in a visual way and it would seem that these more recent painting are the latest form of that expression. Resolute, textural and abstract, all of these are deeply satisfying to create. This fascination with the process of image-making continues to hold me captive.
Intrigued by the quality of paint as a liquid, dried, scratched and depleted, I apply marks and remove marks to reveal the image. All of these markings point to deeper interests, issues and concerns, such as transition,loss,abandonment, and longing. In short, the need to create is a deep way of being human.
I have found a new set of imagery that is unique with these most recent paintings. The intention is strongest in the creation of the works, however, the final result is of value to others who find textures, colors and internal forms pleasing.
The viewer can choose to respond to the image in their own personal and unique way. I am inspired by the transitory nature of all things and that aligns itself naturally with the unique nature of abstract painting. It is with joy that I can continue to immerse myself in this art-form ,always delivering inspiration as it continues to change and evolve.
-Thomas V. Di Silvio March 2014 tvdisilvio@gmail.com 
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